MIXTAPE⌿No Requests #008 w/ Mali (Z Lovecraft)

⚆⚆ We recently acquired a Nakamichi tape deck to start putting together mixtapes from all the wonderful selectors who pass through the bar ⇥ First effort was compiled and recorded last week by Rhythm Section's Mali (aka Z Lovecraft) ⇤

⚡︎⚡︎ To fit the format: it's just one selection after the other; we then cut up the tape to edit out clicks and minimise gaps back at the Rushes, before remastering for you to enjoy...

A something special

Long light, parklife, heady basement nights...

Must be ☼ summer ☀︎


How about a green chilli & pisco sazerac? Triple strength pineapple and tomato daiquiri for you? A BTW riff on the zombie or classic pimms cup? The motif for our new summer drinks was simple: build 'em robust and boozy. There's few finer things in life than easing out of a long day spent over-sunning oneself in the park with a long, strong drink in a spicy basement.

We love the late night summer vibe down at 411 Mare Street and have come up with a selection of drinks to set the right mood for the shorter, warmer nights.

The menu launches on Wednesday, 21st June; and, again, we'd like to extend a special invitation to you (our most loyal readers) to join us for a taste.

Hit the button and click through to book a spot and claim a ▶︎ free welcome drink ◀︎ ++ 30% off everything thereafter. Will Lister upon on the stereo. Should be ✔︎

⌘ So, that's ⇢ WEDNESDAY 21st June; 6 – 11pm ⎋

On the rushes ☛


⇢ BTWr1602

Our second release is out in all good record stores now. Two hot acid white-label edits in a club style for summer dancefloors. Day & night.

⍢ Listen ⍩⍥ Buy ⍡

⇢ No Requests #007

Mason Dixie is also repping on the pod this week with a mix of sample heavy jams from Italo to Miami Bass. Cop it here


You wanna see a wino, bring the wines out...

& they say April is the cruelest month...

We'll be open this Sunday, because:


Our good friends at TUTTO WINES are co-hosting their annual Spring Tasting during the day time this coming Sunday; and it's just round the corner at the Hackney Roundchapel. If you've missed this before we strongly recommend checking it out - pure bacchanalian vibes with some of Europe's most unkempt wine-mongers doling out their best wares. It's only £15 to enter and then you can taste AS MUCH YOU LIKE & you get a FREE GLASS to take home with you...

++ as the festivities die down at 5pm we'll be opening up for a special unsolicited & unofficial after-hours should you wish to straddle down. Tutto affiliate and demon selector - Jonny Rosato - will be picking the records while we pour more wine, beer and funky libations to keep the good times rolling into Monday:

*or* (to quote a young, aspirational and entirely uncontroversial US soft drink manufacturer)

...on the rushes
BTWr1602: Mason Dixie – 4u / Y.u.Hr will be out in stores and online soon :)

You check preview clips out here <---

---> Or you can pre-order TP's, 12" and digital here

.:something special:.

In fact: ask for 'something special' at the bar before the release date (May 17) and we'll give you a TP, mp3 or a drink on us*.

* While stocks last & one per group.
* Bartenders say on the drink is final.
* Told you it was worth reading this far.

Spring Menu —'press' launch tonight

NEWS: we'll be launching our Spring Menu from today. We're hosting our normal 'press' launch night tonight; BUT, to mirror our trendsetting cousins across the way – NO_ONE FROM THE PRESS IS INVITED!

That's right – you're freeloading places have been taken by our 'friends' (or eager folks who bother to read these memos and newsletters when they go out - see below). If you want to come and try you'll have to pay as all the free spots are taken. So there. You can preview it HERE.

It's delicious. End. No questions. No gum.
(That's how we do this now, right?)

Spring, sprong, sprung...


Dalston-based photographer Olivia Thompson is known for her abstract and unorthodox approach to photography. She encompasses colour and light to create imaginative landscapes that are both striking and beautiful. Her latest collection will be on show at Behind This Wall this Thursday night, where you’ll be given the opportunity to join her in an open discussion and purchase limited edition prints.

NTS Radio's very own breakfast don - Charlie Bones* - will be joining the Customs boys to bring the noise on the hi-fi.

So, that's – THURSDAY, 9th MARCH; 7 – 11pm

*DISCLAIMER: if not already overly doused in spicy cocktails.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel:


Our menu is changing and we'd like you to come and taste. FOR FREE.


Yep - free!

We value your custom & feedback {as long as it's positive} so when we launch our Spring Menu on WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH, we would like you to be there to try and tell us how great it is.

To book a table drop us an email HERE. Space is limited and each table will get a choice of 2 x cocktails pp and selection of food. The theme is slightly Levantine but who really cares about that 'cos its all free.


--> First come first served.
--> Tables will be flipped after your assigned time is up.
--> You may be forced to Instagram something.

Thank you for your continued support.

& remember: *BUY OUR STUFF*



From Behind This Wall –
LOVER's DELIGHT: it's a valentines mixtape by JoOrs.

*FLESH 4 FANTASY* <-- listen here via SoundCloud
Subscribe here via iTunes --> *FLESH 4 FANTASY*

< Red-light / karaoke / Seoul >

Laying tracks for St. Valentine's day with JoOrs taking the reigns to re-ignite our 'No Requests' podcast series. Put this fiery number in the hifi for GUARANTEED RESULTS* whichever which way your evening turns. Or, join us tonight for a mass, collective love-in as we debut it on the stereo system downstairs at 411 Mare St.

Beware: this hot s** tape is especially potent when mixed with oysters.

There are a few spots still for booths to join us tonight. BOOK HERE

Unable to make it? Pre-order a hard copy from us which will be packaged and delivered direct to you in time for St Valentine's Day, 2018.

It's My Birthday Too

It's one year since we opened at 411 Mare Street... While we're unsure of the veracity of a birthday for a basement bar it seems an opportune moment to celebrate. So, without restrain, we are declaring this week:


*there may not be any cake.

What we do have in abundance is beer, wine and liquor; so with dry still January casting faint trails why not come by and shake off that long cleanse with a drink or two?

***Specials on soju and mezcal all week.*** Soak it all up with some of our scrumptious steamed buns and subliminal sound-tracking from Rustie, TTB, Danny P. Bushes, Sam Insane Deelay and a few other special guests thrown in for good measure. Just tell the bartender "it's my birthday too" and we'll put out a deal for you and your mates and/or date. 

How about those steamed buns, though?

How about those steamed buns, though?

The Rushes/BTWr1601: The Nines ft. JoOrs & DJ Stingray

Well we finally did it... Having evolved from being a record exchange, to a club night, to a bar. We finally did the thing we set out to do in the first place: release a record. 

For those who've been paying attention on our Instagram there's always been a recording studio surreptitiously attached to BTW. This is what we affectionately call The Rushes; and from this year on we'll be working with some of the talented folks who pass through our establishment in there to produce some cuts for you all to enjoy.

The first offering features the elusive JoOrs and one of our favourite repeat guests from the Plastic days on remix duty: the idiosyncratic DJ Stingray. Beyond those two there's a load of people to thank for bringing this life: Jimmy, Joe and Rosy et al at Lobster distribution, big Gwilly, Auntie Char Char, E. Barnes, David on the designs as ever, Neal and Frank at the Carvery for the slick mastering job, the NTS mob and the prawns.

You can preview and pre-order direct from us through our shiny new Bandcamp page:

Or the 12" will be available in all good outlets and stores from tomorrow! To celebrate we'll be doling out a few copies and special Stingray cocktails at the bar on Friday night for a special price of £9.

Hope to see you downstairs x


With the festive season fanning into its final pre-Christmas throes, we felt this an apt point to alert you to our schedule for the week after December 25th.

The bar will be closed from December 23rd through to the 27th. We will re-open on Friday the 30th to warm up for the big one on the 31st. Anyone without best laid plans for New Years Eve could do a lot worse than booking out a booth with us and saying good riddance to 2016 in good company. 

You can book a table here through OpenTable.

We'll also be opening up the office/loft warehouse/lock-up/prep kitchen in Bethnal Green for an intimate dance once the bar winds down. Tickets for this will be available to purchase at the bar on the night

Hope to see you


What's Good? w/ Tim Lawrence

Something a little special on tonight hosted by our good friends and Thursday night residents: Customs.

For one night only Tim Lawrence takes us on a one-deck, one mic journey through early 80s NYC to celebrate the launch of his new book, Life And Death On The New York Dance Floor.

If you’ve read Love Saves The Day or his wonderful biography of Arthur Russell, you’ll know why people were so excited about this release. Tim is also a co-founder of Lucky Cloud Sound System, who’ve been throwing loft parties with stunning sound long before “audiophile” was a London buzzword. Expect to hear some gems! 

Signed copies of the new book available on the night. Get down early to bag a seat and avoid disappointment: lord knows we've had enough of that already this week.

Artwork: Louie IJ // Copy: Customs & Alex

Extended hours ~ Guy Fawkes weekend

Remember, remember...

We're going late this Friday, with the bar staying open until 2am. Mamiko Motto will be providing the sonic soundscape; come and sup on a smoking Vieux Over Manhattan or 2nd Amendment as the world outside cinders ablaze.

For the 5th itself we go late but are hosting a Private Event from 9pm. Normal service up until then but no reservations after 8pm. If you'd like to book an early table please call the bookings line on 020 8985 3927.

Photo credit: Alex Zalewska