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From Behind This Wall –
LOVER's DELIGHT: it's a valentines mixtape by JoOrs.

*FLESH 4 FANTASY* <-- listen here via SoundCloud
Subscribe here via iTunes --> *FLESH 4 FANTASY*

< Red-light / karaoke / Seoul >

Laying tracks for St. Valentine's day with JoOrs taking the reigns to re-ignite our 'No Requests' podcast series. Put this fiery number in the hifi for GUARANTEED RESULTS* whichever which way your evening turns. Or, join us tonight for a mass, collective love-in as we debut it on the stereo system downstairs at 411 Mare St.

Beware: this hot s** tape is especially potent when mixed with oysters.

There are a few spots still for booths to join us tonight. BOOK HERE

Unable to make it? Pre-order a hard copy from us which will be packaged and delivered direct to you in time for St Valentine's Day, 2018.

The Rushes/BTWr1601: The Nines ft. JoOrs & DJ Stingray

Well we finally did it... Having evolved from being a record exchange, to a club night, to a bar. We finally did the thing we set out to do in the first place: release a record. 

For those who've been paying attention on our Instagram there's always been a recording studio surreptitiously attached to BTW. This is what we affectionately call The Rushes; and from this year on we'll be working with some of the talented folks who pass through our establishment in there to produce some cuts for you all to enjoy.

The first offering features the elusive JoOrs and one of our favourite repeat guests from the Plastic days on remix duty: the idiosyncratic DJ Stingray. Beyond those two there's a load of people to thank for bringing this life: Jimmy, Joe and Rosy et al at Lobster distribution, big Gwilly, Auntie Char Char, E. Barnes, David on the designs as ever, Neal and Frank at the Carvery for the slick mastering job, the NTS mob and the prawns.

You can preview and pre-order direct from us through our shiny new Bandcamp page:

Or the 12" will be available in all good outlets and stores from tomorrow! To celebrate we'll be doling out a few copies and special Stingray cocktails at the bar on Friday night for a special price of £9.

Hope to see you downstairs x