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Spring, sprong, sprung...


Dalston-based photographer Olivia Thompson is known for her abstract and unorthodox approach to photography. She encompasses colour and light to create imaginative landscapes that are both striking and beautiful. Her latest collection will be on show at Behind This Wall this Thursday night, where you’ll be given the opportunity to join her in an open discussion and purchase limited edition prints.

NTS Radio's very own breakfast don - Charlie Bones* - will be joining the Customs boys to bring the noise on the hi-fi.

So, that's – THURSDAY, 9th MARCH; 7 – 11pm

*DISCLAIMER: if not already overly doused in spicy cocktails.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel:


Our menu is changing and we'd like you to come and taste. FOR FREE.


Yep - free!

We value your custom & feedback {as long as it's positive} so when we launch our Spring Menu on WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH, we would like you to be there to try and tell us how great it is.

To book a table drop us an email HERE. Space is limited and each table will get a choice of 2 x cocktails pp and selection of food. The theme is slightly Levantine but who really cares about that 'cos its all free.


--> First come first served.
--> Tables will be flipped after your assigned time is up.
--> You may be forced to Instagram something.

Thank you for your continued support.

& remember: *BUY OUR STUFF*


What's Good? w/ Tim Lawrence

Something a little special on tonight hosted by our good friends and Thursday night residents: Customs.

For one night only Tim Lawrence takes us on a one-deck, one mic journey through early 80s NYC to celebrate the launch of his new book, Life And Death On The New York Dance Floor.

If you’ve read Love Saves The Day or his wonderful biography of Arthur Russell, you’ll know why people were so excited about this release. Tim is also a co-founder of Lucky Cloud Sound System, who’ve been throwing loft parties with stunning sound long before “audiophile” was a London buzzword. Expect to hear some gems! 

Signed copies of the new book available on the night. Get down early to bag a seat and avoid disappointment: lord knows we've had enough of that already this week.

Artwork: Louie IJ // Copy: Customs & Alex