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MIXTAPE⌿No Requests #008 w/ Mali (Z Lovecraft)

⚆⚆ We recently acquired a Nakamichi tape deck to start putting together mixtapes from all the wonderful selectors who pass through the bar ⇥ First effort was compiled and recorded last week by Rhythm Section's Mali (aka Z Lovecraft) ⇤

⚡︎⚡︎ To fit the format: it's just one selection after the other; we then cut up the tape to edit out clicks and minimise gaps back at the Rushes, before remastering for you to enjoy...


From Behind This Wall –
LOVER's DELIGHT: it's a valentines mixtape by JoOrs.

*FLESH 4 FANTASY* <-- listen here via SoundCloud
Subscribe here via iTunes --> *FLESH 4 FANTASY*

< Red-light / karaoke / Seoul >

Laying tracks for St. Valentine's day with JoOrs taking the reigns to re-ignite our 'No Requests' podcast series. Put this fiery number in the hifi for GUARANTEED RESULTS* whichever which way your evening turns. Or, join us tonight for a mass, collective love-in as we debut it on the stereo system downstairs at 411 Mare St.

Beware: this hot s** tape is especially potent when mixed with oysters.

There are a few spots still for booths to join us tonight. BOOK HERE

Unable to make it? Pre-order a hard copy from us which will be packaged and delivered direct to you in time for St Valentine's Day, 2018.