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✰ A real Thanksgiving Story ✰

And so the story goes… The pilgrims arrived in the new world and wanted to celebrate the first harvest with the Native Indians but, the Americans (for that is what they are) turned around and said: “screw thee, for where is my samosa to go with the beer you puritanical pikers also conveniently forgot to bring?” and told them to pack up their poxy harvest and go back from whence they came.

As of tomorrow at Behind This Wall we will be celebrating the real Thanksgiving with the fabulous Secret Samosa Club taking over the kitchen and offering fab flavours from ‘Punjabi Cheeseburger’ to ‘Vegan Dosa Samosas’. It’s a paltry fiver for two hearty pockets and it’s fair to say we are salivating at the prospect of this partnership. In the words of ol’ honest Abe: “a more perfect snack whilst on the razz could not be found”.

To cap the first week, Sunday brings this gift:

samosa sunday (1).png


㋡ ⎔ ⤳ Announcement time ꜝꜝꜝ ⠀

The weekend is barely on us but we're already greedily making eyes at next week. When you think perfect drinking food you'd be amiss to jump over that salivating beat in your brain that goes 'SAMOSAS' 〠 Especially when you’ve got flavours like Butter or Jerk Chicken, Punjabi Cheeseburger, Butter Chicken, Cheesey Bean Burrito (veg) & Dosa for our #vegan friends. Lovingly prepped and seasoned by the most excellent @secretsamosaclub. Starting Wednesday. Book it in, drop in, pop it in (your piehole) ፦ 2 for 5£