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Low Holidays

Today is the longest day of the year.


All around the country, pagan-identifying types are tuning bare-breasted towards their nearest haul of ancient stones. The ground around Stone Henge will creak under the weight of flashers and dogging enthusiasts expunging ritual joy at the altar of the saggy boob and wonky dong. The Waitrose at Fleet Service station - positioned perniciously before turning into the tailbacks of the A303 - will see a year’s worth of trade between here and Glastonbury and back again. Pull up the effigies! Burn Farage! Burn BoJO! Just don’t forget the mini Molten Mowbray pork pies.

Meanwhile, downstairs at 411 Mare Street, we can now sing to a different tune. The longest day marks several clear delineations. The solstice is the official start of summer so, on cue, we’ll have a new menu to show off from tonight. Bruised banana rum old fashioned with a customary dose of CBD, wiccan Manhattans, elegiac cucumber gimlets, tiki agave drinks, cereal milk julep floats and little-gay egg nogs will abound for the next 3 months. Strong drinks for summer are back. We can also rejoice, as basement dwellers, that the days will now start receding, serving our selfish purpose. YAY darkness!

Screenshot 2019-06-21 at 15.39.29.png

We’ll have fun little feedback sheets for the first weekend so if you get down to try the new bits tonight and can fathom something productive we’ll grant you a tasty cut off your bill.

Summer Menu

The summer menu launches tonight and I’m super proud of the whole team for putting this one together; while menus can never be 100% perfect, this is in my opinion our most rounded offering yet... Just as Spring drew inspiration from the classics of Paris, Venice and modernist Tokyo; this time we've headed further south, to Sicily, and imagined what would happen if you were to transport the island out to the Yucatan coast(!) So, lot’s of Caribbean & Mexican flavours underlined with deep amaros, fragrant thyme and heady citrus.

In our aperitif offerings we have a Papa Hemingway style Daiquiri – revamped slightly from our version on the terrace last summer with extra yuzu and grapefruit – alongside a Basil Vodka margarita with a black lava salt rim and cucumber pickle juice; plus, a white summer Negroni with mescal, white vermouth, French amère and oodles of thyme.

Our digestifs serve up a Yucatan old fashioned, with agave, chilli and molé bitters, Nicaraguan aged gold rum and a wedge of Sicilian orange. The Sazerac stays firm: Rittenhouse rye and artichoke imbued amaro Averna with an oyster as an homage to Louisianan artichoke and oyster soup. But, the real jewel in the crown is our Ramos Gin Fizz: a twist on the 1890s Ramos brothers classic; ours takes saffron-infused Scottish Gin, original Combier triple-sec, floral yuzu, grapefruit, ginger, rosemary honey, egg white and cream, dry then wet shook and served with a bourbon vanilla soda top! Each one takes 5 minutes to make so be patient with our bar-tenders.

Accompanying the main cocktails are a summery range of highballs from a bourbon and peach daisy to a jenever, Green Chartreuse and cucumber-licked cobbler. All of our cocktails without alcohol come with an optional base of fresh oyster juice as a replacement for the liquor, adding a similar body and depth to that which you’d find from alcohol. Here we have a peach bellini with home-made, maple syrup infused purée, our classic Bloddy Mary and a cucumber cooler.

Ryan’s been busy at mixing up a special green juice too to serve up Verditas for the first time: a shot of mescal with a side of corriander, chilli and pineapple juice. This sits perfectly with our oyster pickle-back and classic agave Absinthe drip.

As always there’s a great selection of beers, wines and sodas from our good friends at Tutto Wines, the Bottle Shop, Redchurch, 5 Points, Beavertown and Square Root Sodas. Plus the usual poke and additional Tapas offerings from Spandelli.

All launching tonight (Thursday, 2nd June): come and taste with us.

Alex x


INTO Summer

After last week's short, sharp vitamin D tease we're now gearing up for summer proper. Lots to go through so let's break it down:


As the season's change, so does our menu. We're clearing out the cellar to make way for the new stock for summer so why not come bag yourself a bargain bottle of Marko Fon's sublime, saline Vitovska; or OG natural wine-man Jean Pierre-Robinot's suitably fruity Le Regard? With most wines, fridge beers and cocktails also changing shape there'll be special deals across the boards. Available Tuesday 24th through Thursday 26th May exclusively, up to 50% off where stocks last.



We're going late again both this weekend and next (for the Spring Bank Holiday). With 1:30 am finishes across the hazy weekend nights we've invited some of our favourite selectors down to give the new JBLs a run for their money. Music from: John Gomez, Luca (bday boi), Miro SundayMuisiq, Dan S., the Hunks of Funk® that make up the Customs collective and Ollie Tindall.



Aaaand, now for something really special... We've teamed up with our good friends at Tutto Wines and Tim Speeding of the Clove Club to bring you 'Aperitivo' on Spring Bank Holiday Sunday. Alex (Tutto) & Damiano will be on hand with their favourite spritely selections with Tim doling out the food pairings. Our Alex will be using Tutto stock to mix up some special Italian inspired aperitif cocktails too. We strongly recommend you book a table now through the Tutto HOTLINE as we won't be handling reservations for the day through the site. Extended hours also apply.



We're closed on May 31st and June 1st for private events but will be launching the Summer Menu with suitable fanfare on Thursday 2nd. More news and invites to follow soon.