The DJ booth

⤙ 𝑻𝒉𝒖𝒓𝒔𝒅𝒂𝒚 ⤛ 𝑆𝑢𝑛𝑑𝑎𝑦 ↜
Some you may have noted our custom pulley DJ booth; this will be out in play on the days listed, shifting the bar into a dim-lit, extra-sensory listening and dancing space! We have some great bills coming up with PanatypeVandelay RadioPlanet Panama and Tiff's Joints 
You can book booths as normal on either of these days - if you're interested in throwing an event on Sunday and you know us or want to know us better; please pop in and say hey.
The booth is also available during private hires which can be booked here.

➫ CBD in cocktails ~ a joint (ad)venture {sic} ☻

On Monday, to open London Cocktail Week, we'll be hosting a special event with Seedlip at the bar looking at the marriage between CBD and no / lo serves with a talk from Spiros Malandrakis and insights into our house syrup. To attend rsvp to

☇ This is our newest offering: The 'Fo'Sizzle Dizzle Swizzle' - Drum & Black spiced rum, Akashi-Tai Honjozo Genshu sake • House CBD honey & ginger syrup, lime juice, Birds weissbrand • Bittermens burlesque bitters, kenaf leaf

Let that seep in.

α ḉʊʟтʊяε øƒ ♥ї☺ℓℯη¢ℯ #1804

Watch things on g-d-pr

Feels like it's finally safe to poke our little heads above the parapet here. Still not much wiser on what is GDPR, who made it up and why this newsletter continues to circulate; but, hey, beyond the meta existential crisis we are all invariably avoiding through carefully construed inbox management, the inter-world rumbles on and I'm still getting emails about PPI.


♔ Return of the Mao ♔

For real ✌︎ Remember November and those tasty noodles? Julian is back in the kitchen(ette) and is here to stay, or at least until the drains block & the arches implode.

Old classics and future favourites like a 'tuna' 'sashimi' that's actually dehydrated watermelon rehydrated in broth to look at taste like raw fish. But it's not. It's all vegan - X'ian inspired inauthentic Chinese. Fancy that ⍤

Here every Thursday through Saturday from now until forever or drains etc...

Book through the site pls, in an orderly fashion


Little Concert with KATIS

This Sunday it's our first try at live music; doing a special show with Airbnbstarring singer + songwriter on the rise, Phoebe Katis.

Doors are from 18:30 as an ACOV special we'll give the first 5 people to reply to this blogpost 2 tickets. Just like that!

All the info you need for this one is ⇢ here

α ¢üł⊥ʊґℯ ◎ḟ ṽ☤øʟεη¢ε #1803 

⌇Liner Notes

Ok - cutting through the grease here like a discarded body building supplement through an underground fatberg (read the news - it's a good simile).

Last time out one member left the flock for the trifling reason of 'spammy content'. *yesweseethatandithurts* I guess the opening paragraph about the weather was little trite, but you have to push through to get to the good stuff.

Good stuff like this; presented here in an easily digestible list form because people seem to like that. Blame buzzfeed but don't dress it up and take it out on the town thinking you're fooling anyone...

23 great reasons to visit Behind This Wall this week!!!!!!:

  1. We built a DJ booth
  2. It comes down from the ceiling on pulleys
  3. Yup, that strange box hanging precariously over the dancefloor is not an air conditioning unit
  4. It has two decks and a mixer in it
  5. We will use it on Sundays (and maybe some Thursdays)
  6. Sundays like this one coming
  7. Where we will be in collab with the good folk at Reyka Vodka (told you last time we liked them)
  8. We'll also be exploring rare/unheard Icelandic psych/funk/soul from the 70s and 80s
  9. Check the facebook event out
  10. There will be a punch bowl - proceeds of which will go to crowdfunding the Icelandic cricket team
  11. The football team did well so we thought why not give 'em a hand to get a summer activity on the get go?
  12. They have enough light in summer
  13. But, this is the idea for 'Liner Notes' you see
  14. We'll be doing one every month or so
  15. Where you can get closer to a brand we love and dig around an oddball native music scene that accompanies it
  16. There will be lots of lovely Icelandic drinks & other bits
  17. You can visit at other times too
  18. This is quite hard to fill out
  19. And we don't have a natty map or graphic to support it
  20. So, we imagine you're quite bored now
  21. Can we throw a free Vodka Tonic your way?
  22. Come to the bar and say 'I got to 21' and we'll give you one
  23. That's it.
Liner Notes w: Reyka.002.jpeg.001.jpeg

Surviving heat rash

Last week was hot and you all decided to go to the park which we don't blame you for. But with the dangers of dIY BBQing now well documented in the mainstream media, you should really look to establishments like ours for refuge after a long day frazzling yourselves outside.

There's an old wives tale that you should never eat an oyster in a month without an 'R' in it. With that in mind we'll be ceasing to shuck from May 1st through to the end of August while the little fellas do their breeding business in peace. This means there'll be a new exciting food offering launching instead: making us - your friendly, local, neighbourhood basement bar - the perfect hotspot to recharge on your way home.   

Watch for the announcement next week. ✌︎ 

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 13.16.36.png
A culture of violence #1802

Spring's technicolor dreamcoat

Good afternoon. Hoping this finds you drenched in the torrid rains of spring optimism? Just as the easterly beast came and went, so the transition into the new season has been met with as much damp-grey as a drowned suit.

Downstairs at 411 Mare St. we have a new menu in play; wherein we make it feel like it really is winter's end, not this wheezy, flaccid lurch. The bar is set to stun and the new drinks line up like sweet, delicious, pert macaroons.

⍢ "It’s here, it’s really here. Hoist up the maypole and run naked through the meadow."

⍡ 'Careful not to cut yourself on the wheat, now. That can really stick.'

We’re on a bit of a French leaning tip this time out; a booze-cruise to Calais that went wrong when the wi-fi dropped out and somehow we found ourselves channeling that Manon de Source vibe down in Provence. A peaty, verbena-laced Cognac sazerac, that rhubarb and lavender daiquiri, a calvados-cum-pistachio-cum-amaretti fix, a purple ‘vivant’ French 75 (for Prince) and an ode to the ferry crossing from Plymouth to Normandy; all served up in glorious technicolor!

Come taste ❀


Easter weekend

With the season comes a tonne of bank holidays; the first being this weekend, which, unless you're holy (come on), is an excuse to really lean out into a good solid stretch of drinking. From Thursday we'll be open longer and later & if you fancy finding a real 'easter egg'  you'd do a lot worse than to pop your hollow-choccy head round the corner on Sunday.


Meantime here's a picture Alex took in Iceland last week with the Reyka vodkaexpedition. They deserve a plug for taking care of him, and frankly, you do too for quite possibly getting him there on a lovely all-expenses jolly. So this is the thanks you get: a picture of a tourist checking her picture in front of something actually worth looking at. You should go.

And drink Reyka. Always. ✌︎ 

A culture of violence #1801

St. Patrick's

It's encroaching on time of year where everyone pretends to have a little Irish in them and that they actually really love Guinness: *dontchaknowthataboutme* really, LITERALLY, like I drink it all the time. This can be proven at the bar when ordering the next round in three phases of explicit braying noncery:

  1. critique of the pour - angle, speed, colouration (it's black)
  2. gratification that the rest-time is observed (based on knowledge gleaned from that black and white tick follows tock ad ~ correct timing or reasoning unknown) 
  3. smack/sigh/exhale combo on taking the first sip to accentuate the satisfactorily acquired white frothy moustache, followed by a benign comment about this being the best Guinness in the area and the best you've tasted outside Dublin.

Didn't know you'd ever been to Dublin? 

er, yeah, my Grandfather's actually from there.

Rinse repeat etc.

On Saturday we'll have some Guinness on draft but we have the wrong gas in the cellar for it so if anyone says it's the best we've either fluked it and created a beautiful accident or you're stuck with someone largely undesirable.

To up the Oirsh, Macca will be playing records; who isn't actually Irish but from Liverpool and that's as close as we could get. 

If you wanna practice your accent try the following line ~ "I'll be fine with all this oil" ~ but say 'Oil' for 'I'll'. How useful this sentence will be in real life situations is largely unknown. You can thank us later. Actually, scrap that: use that line at the bar this week with you're best accent and we'll give you a free beer.


Equinox ~ 20th March
new menu

Next Tuesday we'll be launching our macaroon inspired new menu for Spring. It's the equinox which we think means that the day and night are the same length all around the world. To celebrate with the pagans we're putting out 6 new drinks, 3 new aperitifs, some light snacks and we'd love you to join us.

Book a table for Tuesday with the message MACAROON in the special requests box and we'll knock 50% off your bill*.

*You may be required to taste everything and then give lucid feedback.

⇥ Do you Soju? (57.09) ⇠

Still looking for that end-of-year-party spot?

Everyone loves a get together at this time of year: booze, nibbles, pap music and bad sweaters; retired dance moves and pack movements; the unfamiliar embrace of Fiona from accounts who, come January, will swear she's never drinking again only to fall into the same putrid cycle next December... Must be Christmas! 

If you're still ummming and ahhhing about where to throw your annual big bash, we're here to make things interesting and add some extra spice. You all know we're big fans of the Soju down at 411 Mare St. So, if you use the code SOJU 5709 in the 'special requests' box when booking in your Christmas party with us - we'll dose you in a round of the good stuff for table bookings or a bottle of it for Private Hires. Let's not pretend to be civilised here. With space for up to 45 and late weekend licenses plugged in till the big day get those spots locked in ⇥ BOOK ME IN

Soju 600.jpg


On the Rushes ⇥ BTWr1703
Abuja 336 – Violet Hour / Sega & Chess – Night Elm on Mare St.

⌍*Repeat from last post kalxon*⌌

Owing to the massive delays at MPO (that's a place in France where records get made) we (finally/actually) have an AA single out next week ~~> You can once again listen to those clips and pre-order here.

There will now be a super-secret release party on SUNDAY 3.12 at the bar; which you all should come to if only to drink copious amounts of soju and punch (which we'll be doling out on the house for the early birds) and try to catch that pesky night elm for yourselves ⌽⌽


Info & credits as above, so below:

Abuja 336 is a collective led by Bow-based vocalist Jim Caesar; Violet Hour dubs heavy on a psychedelic jam recorded during a moment of inspiration at Villa Lena, Tuscany.
Sega & Chess is a collaboration between two artists unknown; catch the ‘Night Elm on Mare St’ during the wee hours outside our bar after drinking too many shots of soju.
Mixed by JoOrs at Rushes Studios. Mastering by Frank at The Carvery.
Artwork by David at Shutupandance. Illustration on AA by Louie Isaaman-Jones.


✰⎝hush • ☻・hush⎞session ⌁ BTWr1703 release party ✰

BTWr1703 is OUT THIS WEEK so we want you again for an extra special one-off sesh down at 411 Mare Street...

✰ 2 decks & a mixer ⍢ Sound⌃Up ⍩ Lights⌄Down

✰✰ FREE PUNCH for the party starters ⍨ cheap drinks otb thereafter ~~> £2.50 on BEER \ £4.5⌄G&T / V&T / S&M / etc ~

✰✰✰ Knock twice, play nice

⇢ New prints on show by Louie
⇢ Party props that pop
⇢ Fam-a-lama DJs