Dive down a dimly-lit flight of stairs at 411 MARE ST; Behind This Wall is a contemporary basement bar on the top of the NARROW WAY, Hackney Central. The bar was built and is run by friends, with a singular approach to design, music and drinking.

Our menu - which changes seasonally -comprises carefully sourced products and ingredients made in-house to exclude artificial additives, colours & flavours, high fructose, corn-syrup and unnecessary sugar. To taste: walk-ins are always welcome but, you can book a booth with us (or pitch to host your own event.)

A note on the hi-fi: the system has been assembled from composite (storied) parts from a ‘golden era’ of our native audio-industry; with a myriad of complementary elements from Tannoy, Papworth, E.A.R. & JBL.

Autumn Menu

All ingredients selected or produced in house to exclude artificial additives, colours and flavours, high fructose, corn-syrup and unnecessary sugar as standard.

Seasonal house sour is Apple & Cranberry kombucha.

Please ask your tender for wine and beer selections; or to make up your favourite drink.


(020) 8985 3927

411 Mare Street
London, E8 1HY

Tue—Sun, 6—Late


& everything in-between

‘Happy Hour’ — 6 pm to 8 pm daily

All our products are carefully selected to fit the brief: we don’t sell coke, we do have some great alternatives.

Do request your favourite classic off menu: we will do our best to match it

Respect your fellow patrons

No shouting or fighting

No drinks or toasts near selectors, records, deck or amplifiers

Hooks are provided for hats and coats

Women should introduce themselves to Men and not vice versa

Patrons are responsible for their guests — choose wisely

Respect our sleeping neighbours — smoking and departing should be swift and silent

Please make onward travel plans inside before exiting — wifi is available

Be nice to Barry