When building the bar we wanted to create something special in stereo on a shoestring budget. Knowing that we would be working with a lot of reflective surfaces the system is built from the speakers back and customised to fit this psycho-acoustic space. The components are made by British engineers from oft-maligned brands.


  • PMC TB2a Studio Monitors

  • Lynx Aurora 8 AD/DA convertor

  • Neve 8816 mixer

  • eMagic AMT 8 (8x midi interface)

Synths/drum machines/samplers

  • MiniMoog Voyager RME

  • Roland SH101

  • Roland TR606

  • Vermona DRM1 MKIII

  • Ensoniq ASR-10

Outboard processing/effects

  • API 2500 bus compressor

  • Drawmer 1968 MKII bus compressor

  • DBX 160X compressor/limiter

  • FMR RNC1773 compressor

  • JDK R24 EQ

  • Clariphonic parallel EQ

  • DAV bg1u pre-amp

  • Roland SVC 350 vocoder

  • Eventide H3000 D/SE ultra-harmoniser

  • Watkins WEM Copicat IC tape delay