Sound-system development


Nerd alert!

We've added a little bit of sparkle to the sound-system this week. After a few dry runs our 1950's JBL 2310 lenses and 2309 throats have been fully installed and are ready to run. Weighing in at about 30 kilos a pair, these vintage classics from the world's original high-end specialist are something of a coup for the bar. Situated opposite Martin Hannett's old floor-standing Tannoy 12"s they create a quadrophonic effect, but we've elevated them onto custom made shelves and set filters on both to only playback frequencies over 800hz. What this means in simple terms is a better distribution of high frequency sound and much improved clarity that wraps you up warm from all angles.

Based on feedback from you, our guests, some had found a few of the booths (especially opposite the main speakers) a little loud. Well, now we are confident the listening experience will be improved throughout the space with more consistent and pleasant listening levels assured across all the seating areas :)