Weekend Lates ↘︎ 411 Mare St.

With drinking season in full bloom & this Hallow'een weekend marking the start of the 'festive fun run'; we've pushed the boat out on our opening hours to extend to 1:30AM on Friday nights and past midnight on Saturdays. This means that between now and Christmas you'll be able to usher in the small hours in decadent company down at 411 Mare St.

With this in mind; if you are thinking about hiring the space out for your seasonal shindig now would be as good a time as any to pounce on this opportunity. It never cost to ask... ⌽⌽ 


On the Rushes ⇥ BTWr1703
Abuja 336 – Violet Hour / Sega & Chess – Night Elm on Mare St.

We have an AA single out next Friday (3.11.17) ~ you can listen to snippets and pre-order here.

There will be a release party on the Friday at the bar, which you all should come to if only to drink copious amounts of soju and try to catch that pesky night elm for yourselves. Info & credits as below:

Abuja 336 is a collective led by Bow-based vocalist Jim Caesar; Violet Hour dubs heavy on a psychedelic jam recorded during a moment of inspiration at Villa Lena, Tuscany.
Sega & Chess is a collaboration between two artists unknown; catch the ‘Night Elm on Mare St’ during the wee hours outside our bar after drinking too many shots of soju.
Mixed by JoOrs at Rushes Studios. Mastering by Frank at The Carvery.
Artwork by David at Shutupandance. Illustration on AA by Louie Isaaman-Jones.


Cookin' In November ☛

When not slaving over the hot-mix desk at The Rushes, the lesser-spotted JoOrs can be found in the kitchen making 'Hawaiin F*cking Poké bowls' every Tuesday at Behind This Wall. If you were round at the start you'll know the drill here: £6 bowls of sumptuous raw delicousness best washed down with a Happy Hour drink (*cough* ONE THIRD off beer on draught & wine by the bottle + £4.50 cocktails *cough*). Every Tuesday; kitchen 7 - 11 pm, Happy hour 6 - 8 pm.

Following through from our triumphant 'E Is The Magic Number' (shout out Hannah Norris) series this October we're handing the Wednesday kitchen duty over to Mao Chow who helped inaugurate a pilot for the series back in Septemeber. Julian cooks up some pretty devilish Chinese-American vegan plates and we cannot wait to give him this run of dates across November plating up on the pass and turn-table. Happy Hour will run as normal, kitchen again will be operational from 7pm till the food runs out.

*+* NB: there's one last chance to catch Rob Sachdev of the Quality Chop House in tonight as part of the E numbers series!