National Margarita Day ⎨3 years strong⎬

This is actually a thing…

We’ve never really listed a BTW variant on a margarita, unless anyone recalls that basil vodka, black salt and cucumber abomination from summer year 1. Lesson learnt: classics are such for a reason, no need to mess with formula. A good margarita needs three things shook hard to an imperfect 3-2-1 ratio:

  1. Earthy Tequila (or Mezcal) for body NB. ours had neither

  2. Acid (lime or lemon, Mexicans actually name these the other way round)

  3. Sweet (agave syrup for the Tommy’s version or Triple Sec for the punchy original)

Savoury can be added in the form of a salt rim to kick against the acid, but the basics are there and, hey, it works. (FWIW we really like this Smoked Viking Salt from Sous Chef.) It’s actually our most popular drink, despite never featuring on the menu asides that ill fated attempt to add to the canon. Chances are you will have enjoyed these with us in one of two ways (or three if you want to include Anna’s slightly odd brown concoction; we asked, she dosen’t even know why). Des likes the Tommy’s, Alex reaches for the Combier. Both are fairly set in their ways so, in the never-ending age of lists, click-bait and the people-having-the-final-say we’re putting it to you tonight to see which one is preferred.

Like any good referendum tonight’s results will be wholly undefinitive and we’ll probably still be debating the minutiae a further two years down the line. But, you know, it adds a bit of spice to our third year celebrations and this post scored us a helping hand from the great folk at Tapatio (other tequila brands are available but frankly they’re not as good) allowing us to drop the price and up the stakes.

Des and Alex are both behind the stick - so, ladies and gentlemen, let battle commence and may the best tender win!

See you later for a ‘Marg’ (don’t call it this, you won’t get a discount) and a dance for 3 years and many more!

x B T W