Continental Drift

Teaming up with our friends at Reyka tonight to launch a special menu that will run for the next month or so working on the tricky theme of tiki &… vodka.

Vodka often gets shunted in the summer as we collectively lean for flavour heavy aged base spirits in rum and agave trim skirts. Nay, vodka often gets shunted overall. Beyond a Bloody Mary or a variant of an insert-popular-gin-based-drink-here there aren’t a swell of classics that roll into the mind. Ask many bartenders and they’ll have a similar list of complaints: it’s profile doesn’t hold up to a shaken drink, stirred down it doesn’t have the flavour of gin, you can’t put it in an old fashioned. While we would never argue against the case that vodka should only be consumed one-way (ice cold and neat), the idea that it doesn’t flesh out a great cocktail is plain wrong; as long as you’re using something good.

So, challenge set: let’s turn on some reggae, shut our eyes and imagine, sometime in the future, Iceland breaks away further from Europe owing to some kinda continental drift and washes up in the Caribbean. Maybe we’d all be drinking something like this:


Come find out tonight! Fab will be playing the blues on his steel string guitar and Alex will be mixing Jamaican and Icelandic records into each other. It’ll get weird but it might just work ;)