Pink Gin Expo

Pink Gin is everywhere… join us next week at the bar to get to grips with the pastel-punch in the 1st Annual Pink Gin Expo!

btw x Victory x Gin Monkey

21 August 2019

7–11 pm 


What is pink gin? 

It’s cropped up everywhere this summer and - cocktail-anoraks I see you at the back with your hand in the air - has nothing to do with the old classic containing London dry with angostura bitters. The current boon has seen all your ‘favourite’ brands start chucking summer berries, currants and other red tinted objects into their top-line product to create something sweeter, something pinker and, just when thought gin was done-to-death, something new.

Does it live up to the hype?

Beyond the marketing-mudslide, insta-friendly hues and a turbo-charge of the gin juggernaut; it is, as it ever was, very dependent on which brand you plump for. As a category, pink gin is designed to add some depth to your gin cabinet; a sweeter deviation on the dry before going sloe. Without, we are reassuringly told across all launches, any added sugar. That pink, it’s all natural (apparently). Just fresh berries. Even at supranational levels of production... Right.

So, Expo:

Our friends at Victory London Distillery are launching their Victory Pink - a collaboration with Canadian verjus producer, Minus Eight. Victory Pink is an infused offering that cuts it on quality and ‘no additives’. On Wednesday 21st we’ll run a special drinks & snacks menu with this, plus Emma (Gin Monkey) will also be hosting a live tasting on twitter at 7 pm through her @ginmonkeyuk handle. The bonus ball: we have created a special Victory Pink / Behind This Wall CBD cocktail collaboration for the Autumn which, we plan to can!