The Face Mix 006: Cõvco

Out to our Cõvco for featuring on the latest episode of The Face mix series. Perfect warm up/down for/from the bank-holiday.


Listen + read the full Q&A here



Klein – Lover 
Tyga­Paw – Black Girl Expe­ri­ence
N-Pro­len­ta – Scream Pon Mi 
Cõv­co – Breath instru­men­tal 
Yat­ta – Desert Song 
Unknown – Unknown 
Elysia Cramp­ton – Ori­on Song
Cõv­co – Rain Blend
Dj Lilo­cox – Raizes 
Unknown – Unknown 
Cõv­co – Souk­ous Edit 
LTJ Bukem – Music 
Cõv­co – Lov­ing me now 
Cõv­co – ASMR

Whether your carnival or not we got a great weekend of late-night drinking & music lined up at 411 Mare St, with the friends Dansa, Planet Panama, Dragos & Ash.