∠ Banana CBD syrup now in store ∻

With summer drawing to end we’re moving our seasonal CBD syrup out of the ice wells and into the store for you to enjoy! 

With a new improved formula for stability, this banana edition is undoubtedly our best CBD syrup offering to date. We’ve also improved the info from a white label product to something with clear guidelines as to dosage, usage and shelf-life. Utilising new tech to emulsify CBD within the liquid we can guarantee a consistent, fast-acting product that is great in cocktails, as a food supplement or consumed on its own. 

Props to our man Louie Isaaman-Jones for the beautiful design on this bottle too.


Here’s a recipe for our Tuesday Club cocktail to get you started:

The Tuesday Club

Build-in-the-glass / Rum Old Fashioned


3 dashes Cinnamon Bitters, preferably Bittermens Tiki Bitters

1 1/4 oz (37.5 ml) Light Rum, preferably El Dorado 3 yo

3/4 oz (22 ml) Spiced Rum, preferable Drum & Black

1/4 oz (7.5 ml) BTW Banana CBD syrup

Calvados mist or rinse

Banana Crisp or slice to garnish

In an Old Fashioned glass add the bitters, the rum and a large single ice cube; measure in a healthy bar spoon of the CBD syrup and stir down until sufficiently chilled.  Float or mist the calvados on top, garnish with a banana crisp or fresh slice and serve!