A subterranean neighbourhood cocktail bar at the top of the Narrow Way in Hackney.

Serving: seasonal cocktails, wines & beers; oysters & bar snacks; subliminal soundtracking via our one deck custom hi-fi.

House Rules:

  • £1 oyster ‘happy hour’ – 6pm to 8pm daily

  • All ingredients are selected or produced in house to exclude artificial additives, colours and flavours, high fructose, corn-syrup and unnecessary sugar as standard

  • Menu changes seasonally but do request your favourite classic: we will do our best to match it, but the bartender has the final say

  • Respect your fellow patrons

  • No shouting or fighting

  • No drinks or toasts near selectors, records, deck or amplifiers

  • No hats indoors, garment hooks are provided

  • Women to introduce themselves to Men and not vice versa

  • Ladies, please feel free to ask your Bartender for an introduction

  • Patrons are responsible for their guests - choose wisely

  • Respect our sleeping neighbours - smoking and departing should be swift and silent

  • Subliminal soundtracking should remain so – signal the selector if too loud; record collectors are often hard of hearing


(020) 8985 3927

411 Mare Street
London, E8 1HY

Tue—Sat, 6—11 p.m.