Cold gold from the inimitable vaults of Viktor Vaughan. Dating game played out in a devastating blow by blow. #DOOM


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Beautiful short here on Inverted Audio featuring next week’s Easter Sunday guest Francis Harris talking ‘Minutes of Sleep’.

Tickets here:


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Typography & design f

Our poster series (designed by David at Shupandance) for our residency at Plastic People is featured in this piece on typography & design.

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C-Rock bringing the Friday vibes (STIR15 Recordings, 1999)


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10 years

Francis Harris - Lean Back (Scissor & Thread)

Easing out your weekend…


BTW Mixtape 001: Alex & Digby

An eclectic peak time offering from Behind This Wall residents Alex & Digby. 100% wax as always ;)

Source: SoundCloud / btwldn

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Modern Love - David Bowie (1983)

Was bought back to this by the delightful ‘Frances Ha’ by Noah Baumbach. Surely Greta Gerwig should have had a best actress nod tonight? Anyway, Bowie at his blistering 80’s best & Nile Rodgers providing the licks.


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3-D induction

Thomas Brinkmann with “A Good One” under his Soul Center guise (NovaMute, 2001)


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For the lovers... f

Thelma Houston - Don’t Know Why I Love You (Motown)

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