It's My Birthday Too

It's one year since we opened at 411 Mare Street... While we're unsure of the veracity of a birthday for a basement bar it seems an opportune moment to celebrate. So, without restrain, we are declaring this week:


*there may not be any cake.

What we do have in abundance is beer, wine and liquor; so with dry still January casting faint trails why not come by and shake off that long cleanse with a drink or two?

***Specials on soju and mezcal all week.*** Soak it all up with some of our scrumptious steamed buns and subliminal sound-tracking from Rustie, TTB, Danny P. Bushes, Sam Insane Deelay and a few other special guests thrown in for good measure. Just tell the bartender "it's my birthday too" and we'll put out a deal for you and your mates and/or date. 

How about those steamed buns, though?

How about those steamed buns, though?