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Witching season is well and truly here. Tomorrow: Borne Fruits are in situ with their spooktacular Boogie Against Brexit which was, akin to Frankensteins’ monster, plastered together and given the kiss of life before Count McDoncula and the PLP decided they were up for a trip to the polls after all so the whole thing’s off (for now) & we can breathe & jus dress up & dance a bit…

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× Doodcast with DJ Fitz ~ A Friday Night Party ✷

It’s kinda rare that we go out of our way to book DJs for our end of month parties. Mostly pitches come to us or we work with repeat partners. John Fitzgerald aka. DJ Fitz is an exception: we have actively hunted this one out for a late, esoteric session. Tonight we are very excited to present his collective <Doodcast> taking over the turntables from 9pm – 3 or 4am.

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